“A Holistic, Therapeutically and Interactive Approach to Good Health and Emotional Well Being”


We cover a wide range of Natural
Therapies to ensure our clients receive
the most up to date techniques available.

Our Therapists

Our Therapists

All our therapist use the best techniques
available to help their clients achieve
optimal health and well-being

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About Us

At Andover Therapies Clinic we have fully trained, qualified and insured complementary health practitioners, covering a wide range of therapies. All our therapist use the best techniques available to help their client achieve optimal health and well-being. Because no one therapy can cover all health conditions all the time, it is sometimes helpful for a therapist to refer their clients to another health professional if this is considered in the client´s best interest and is done with their agreement. This means that we are able to offer a multi-faceted approach. Most complementary therapies can be carried out alongside many orthodox treatments.

Our Philosophy

The concept of interactive therapies works on the basis of looking at a person holistically, that is, as a whole. It is our understanding that for a person to obtain health, balance and well-being, the therapist needs to take into consideration not only lifestyle, nutritional and environmental factors of the client, but the subtle and complex interaction of mind, body and soul.